citron fig

citron fig

FAMILY: fresh
Citron Fig combines the warm sweetness of fig notes with zesty ginger and the tang of lemon. The heart introduces juicy mandarin creating effect over a soft base of sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk.
3.4 Fl. Oz.
Scent Profile

Top Notes

Ginger, Lemon Oil

Middle Notes

Cardamom, Mandarin, Mint, Copaiba

Dry Notes

Sandalwood, Cedar Wood, Musk

Perfumer's Inspiration

Inspired by a free-spirited confidence that awakens when you realize your true potential

Richard Herpin

Senior Perfumer

Richard Herpin
Sustainable Ingredients

Sustainable Ingredients:

Cardamom & Copaiba

We procure Cardamom from a local supplier in Guatemala who works directly with native Guatemalan farmers.  This direct partnership enables us to guarantee the local farmers a higher profit for the essential oils and a steady income.  Working directly with communities in the Amazon and providing them with technical and financial support ensures the sustainable sourcing of Copaiba Oil resulting in an increase of income.

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Citron Fig

March 17, 2017 Summer

Love This Scent

Love the ginger and lemon notes. Also the sandalwood sitting on skin. Love, Love. would recommend it. Always gets compliments. My husband loves it