amber saffron

amber saffron

FAMILY: floral; oriental
Amber saffron is the sexiest and most delicious fragrance of the collection. This sweet blend of red fruits, delicate florals, soothing musks, warm amber and exquisite saffron is sure to leave a lasting impression. velvet flora and sueded oud are amber saffron’s perfect matches.
3.4 Fl. Oz.
Scent Profile

Top Notes

Bergamot Armoise Artemisia, Mandarin Oil

Middle Notes

Rose, Lily, Raspberry

Dry Notes

Musk, Saffron, Amber

Perfumer's Inspiration

Inspired by the seductive tension that comes from what's desired and what's forbidden.

Steven Claisse

Takasago Senior Perfumer

Steven Claisse
Sustainable Ingredients

Sustainable Ingredient:

Mandarin Oil

Selecting Mandarin Oil cultivated in Brazil allows our perfumers to work with raw materials gathered by growers from all over the world. We actively support communities and their livelihoods with financial and environmental assistance, while they grant us access to their highly prized, uplifting sensual oil.

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the vixen


Romantic Getaway


amber saffron

December 5, 2017 Carlos Danger

My girlfiend's favorite

Just purchased for my girlfriend's birthday. She loved it...I'm a hero!

March 22, 2017 Barbara K

Best new fragrance this year!!!

This is the best new fragrance I have tried this year. It came in my Birchbox and now I'm obsessed!

March 18, 2017 Mandi

Fell in love with the first spray

I received a sample of this fragrance and the minute it touched my skin, I was in love. Throughout the day bursts of this gorgeous scent would instantly make me smile.
I haven't purchased a bottle of perfume in about 4 years because I will not buy a fragrance that doesn't speak to me and blow me away. The minute my sample was empty, I was in search of the largest bottle offered.
So thank you for creating such amazing products!!

February 24, 2017 Lizze


I received a sample and the moment I need it I knew I had to own it! It is warm, deep, and smoky with a touch of sweetness, without becoming overwhelming or heavy. I feel like I could live in this scent and be happy!

February 24, 2017 Burtronswife


I received a sample via birchbox and this scent is amazing. It's like a breath of fresh air. I want to wear it night and day. I can't wait to buy a full size bottle.